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Can I still prepare my own tax return?

Short answer, no.  The details of your tax return provide more insight for us than you can imagine.  It also enables us to work up tax projections and year-over-year comparisons as part of your consultative client journey with us.

Am I your ideal client?

If you have questions on a topic surrounding your tax exposure, finances or your business, we can help.  Do you have a question about how to save more taxes?  Do you have a daunting tax bill ahead of you and want to know what to do about it?  Are you starting a business or taking a new job?   Are you getting into the rental property arena?  Stock Event?  College Planning?  Hit us with your best shot!

How do I get to know you before signing up?

Navigate to our "Contact" page and schedule yourself a free chat session with our Founder, Kathryn Minasian.  You can also check out her Linked In profile, here

I'm starting a small business, can you help me understand how to go about it?

Yes we can.  Just book an hourly consultation and we can get the conversation and to-do lists going!

I need a Financial Advisor, can you recommend someone?

Yes!  We are here to be a connector of people and creator of dream teams.  Whatever function falls beyond our purview, be it Estate Planning or Money Management, we know some incredible humans to send you to.

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