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Tax Season is here and I LOVE IT!


Accountants like myself LIVE for tax season.

We appreciate the hustle and bustle of the office, the large volume of work our brains and bodies produce in such a short time frame, and the strong drive of the entire profession working together to deliver perfect, accurate work for our clients.

The commitment to our clients never feels stronger than when we are really 'under it' with deadlines looming. And we know our clients are on the other side working hard too - getting us the information we need timely, monitoring their email for next steps, asking questions and offering their patience as we work as fast as possible.

Tax season takes a village and this blog post is to simply say, thank you to our clients. We are grateful that you are choosing to work with us and we are excited for the upcoming tax season to deliver on our promises and continue to nurture our relationship with you.

Cheers to the new year, a new tax season and a successful 2023!

With gratitude and excitement,

Kathryn Minasian, CEO

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